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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on Chronic Medication

1. Who is Mediscor?

Mediscor is a Pharmaceutical Benefit Management company contracted by the Scheme.

2. How do I contact Mediscor?

Switchboard: (012) 674 8000
ChroniLine: 0860 119 553
Helpdesk: 0860 113 238

3. How do I register a chronic medication prescription with Mediscor?

To register your chronic medication prescription with Mediscor, you, your doctor or your pharmacist need to contact Mediscor’s ChroniLine on 0860 119 553 or access Mediscor’s website at This process is quick and easy as chronic medication application forms are no longer required.

4. How often do I need to register my prescription with Mediscor?

You need to contact ChroniLine every time your chronic medication prescription or dosage has been changed or renewed by your doctor.

5. How long is my chronic medication registered for?

The authorisation from Mediscor is valid for 1 year from the date of the prescription.

Once the authorisation has expired, please re-authorise the chronic medication prescription by calling ChroniLine (0860 119 553).

6. What period of time is a prescription valid for?

A prescription is only valid for a period of 6 months.

7. How do I claim for medicines received from a pharmacy?

The pharmacy will submit the claim electronically to the Scheme.

Glossary of Terms

8. Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)

The PMBs are the minimum level of benefits that any scheme may provide in terms of the Medical Schemes Act. The conditions are listed in the Act and covers mostly hospital based treatment and treatment for a list of chronic conditions referred to as the Chronic Disease List (CDL).

These benefits are subject to a number of management tools such as making use of a Designated Service Provider (DSP) to provide diagnosis, pre-authorisation and treatment in terms of clinical protocols and criteria. Medicines for CDL conditions are further subject to medicine formularies. If members comply with these rules PMBs are covered at cost with no co-payment.

9. Designated Service Provider (DSP)

A healthcare provider or group of providers selected by the scheme to provide a diagnosis, treatment and care in respect of one or more prescribed minimum benefit conditions.

10. ChroniLine

ChroniLine is a paperless system for the authorisation of chronic medication provided by Mediscor.

11. Chronic Medication

On-going, prescribed medication obtained monthly for the treatment of chronic conditions.

12. Acute Medication

Short term prescribed medication taken for a temporary illness or conditions such as infections, relieving of symptoms etc.

13. Pharmacy Assisted Therapy (P.A.T)

Medication purchased at a pharmacy for minor illness on the advice of a pharmacist

Did you know

14. Alternative medical treatment

Did you know that GEMAS pays for:

  • Biokinetics subject to GP recommendation
  • Visits to homeopaths and naturopaths
  • Homeopathic medication subject to protocols
  • Visits to chiropractors

Refer to the Summary of Benefits and Contributions

15. Scanned claims

Did you know that all paper claims received are scanned electronically for ease of retrieval? This speeds up our claims assessments and makes assisting you in our call centre a breeze.

16. Pharmacy Advised Therapy (P.A.T)

Did you know that P.A.T medication can be obtained directly from the Pharmacy on the advice from the Pharmacist for minor illness. eg: cold medication. This benefit helps to avoid the inconvenience of waiting in a doctor's consulting room for minor illness.

17. Track claims via the internet

Did you know that there is a facility on this website to track and monitor your claims payments? This facility is updated daily.

18. Payment runs

As from 1 January 2012 payment runs to the members and suppliers are weekly. Member’ s statements are sent monthly detailing the payments made.