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About Grintek Electronics Medical Aid Scheme (Gemas)

GEMAS is a closed medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act no 131 of 1998 and is restricted to employees of SAAB SA (Pty) Ltd.


GEMAS offers competitive income based contribution rates. GEMAS members have consistently contained their medical expenditure and as a result, annual contribution increases have been kept to a minimum.


GEMAS benefits have been designed with comprehensive coverage with in-hospital treatment in mind. Hospitalisation and related expenses are covered at 250% of the Agreed Tariff to avoid any shortfalls for the member's account. Out of hospital expenses are covered at 100% of Agreed Tariff rates, subject to competitive limits.

Financial Position

To ensure that schemes are able to meet their payment obligations, the Medical Schemes Act stipulates that a scheme must have reserve funding of 25% of gross annual contributions. GEMAS significantly exceeds this percentage, a clear indication of the scheme's solid financial foundation.

Complaints and disputes procedure

Members may lodge their complaints telephonically, or in writing, to the scheme. Call centre agents will assist the member immediately if possible. All unresolved telephonic complaints or complaints received in writing will be responded to by the scheme in writing within 30 days of receipt thereof.

Any dispute, which may arise between a member, prospective member, former member or a person claiming by virtue of such member and the scheme or an officer of the scheme, must be referred by the principal officer to a disputes committee (appointed by the Board of Trustees) for adjudication. On receipt of a request in terms of this rule, the principal officer must convene a meeting of the disputes committee by giving not less than 21 days’ notice in writing to the complainant and all the members of the disputes committee, stating the date, time and venue of the meeting and particulars of the dispute.

The disputes committee may determine the procedure to be followed. The parties to any dispute have the right to be heard at the proceedings, either in person or through a representative.

An aggrieved person has the right to appeal to the Council for Medical Schemes against the decision of the disputes committee. Such appeal must be in the form of an affidavit and directed to Council and shall be furnished to the Registrar not later than three months after the date on which the decision concerned was made. Complaints can be submitted by any reasonable means such as a letter, fax, e-mail or in person at the Council’s Offices from Mondays to Fridays during 08:00 – 17:00. Visit for more information. See Contacts page for all Council of Medical Schemes contact information.